AI Driven, Real-Time Trading Analytics Inside the World Trade Center
Finance AI Driven, Real-Time Trading Analytics Inside the World Trade Center


The goal was to create a unique and visually poweful dashboard to help shareholds gain confidence in the systems performance.


The dashboard was successfully deployed by Modsi onsite developers inside the World Trade Center. The application showed real-time analytics on the automated trading algorithm.


The platform helped shareholders gain confidence and a visual into the algorithms performance. The visual aspect turned the algorithm into a game-like experience showing player (algorithm) performance in real-time and historical views.


  • Trading Algorithms
  • AWS
  • UI / UX Design
  • On-Site Development


We had a goal of helping share holders gain confidence for future investments by creating a unique, heavy visual platform. The client wanted to turn the platform into a game-like visual to help investors understand how different algorithms and approaches worked. The platform was displayed in their office across three different large-screen monitors in the World Trade Center.


UI / UX Approach

Our internal designers took the approach of designing it in a sci-fi manner. We took notes from several futuristic system designs we had seen in the past.



  • Futuristic design
  • Game-like appearance
  • Easy to understand dashboard metrics
  • No user input required to see different metrics
  • Real-time player statistics through SignalR
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